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    For three days, farriers and veterinarians from all over the world are coming together in Riesenbeck to learn from Stefan Wehrli. During the basic course "knowing the hoof inside out", the participants take a deeper look at anatomy, biomechanics, gait analysis, x-ray analysis, shoeing materials and techniques, as well as work on their practical skills. The clinic then ends in a quiz where theoretical and practical skills are being evaluated. The ten participants with the best results then qualify for the "practical day", where each participant gets to shoe a horse at Ludger Beerbaum Stables under the supervision of Stefan Wehrli. 


    Adding to the course "knowing the hoof inside out", Stefan also offers spezialized theme days for all those who have completed the basic course. These theme days each tackle one specific problem such as club foots or the white line disease and how to manage them. Always following up with the horses used for the shoeing demonstrations, Stefan and his colleage Christian Hagl have been able to document fantastic results and present those during the clinics.


    As an Equestrian Academy, we strive to educate not only riders but equestrian professionals in general. Therefore, we're very happy that so many participants from all over Europe joined this clinic!



    Pictures: RI



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