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    During the Easter weekend, LWEA riders Risako Hara and Mariko Kato, as well as Summer Camper Charlotte Bömeke had a successful show in Riesenbeck. At the FREEJUMP Contest, all three of them participated with several horses from small to big classes, with Charlotte placing fifth in a fault and style class and Mariko taking third place in the big class on Sunday. Risako was the most succesfull out of the three as she secured first and third place with her horses Coupe de Candilla and Coco Julie in the 115cm speed class on Sunday, as well as placing 8th in the fault and style class. Deciding on an easy day for her horses on Monday, she only competed each horse once and ended up placing third again in the 115cm speed class.


    At the same time, Mateo Coles who participated in the Summer Camp at the same time as Charlotte, had a dream come true as he got the chance to compete at the beautiful venue of the Longines Global Champions Tour in Miami Beach. Placing 10th with his horse A.J., he commemorated this exceptional opportunity with a fantastic result. After winning team gold at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last year, Mateo has been producing great results all around.


    For information about the upcoming Summer Camp 2019, please see the previous news entry. 





    April 25, 2019 - 13:56
    Wow - congratulations everybody! Fantastic results!

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