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    On April 23, LWEA Beijing successfully held its first competition since opening. As the start of a three-stop event called 2017 Championship Tour- Road to Bird's nest, it attracted 140 entries from 22 clubs around China to participate in categories of 80cm, 105cm, 120cm and 130cm.

    The highlight of event is that two lucky will receive entry tickets freely of 2017 Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters, with the highest ranking scores of competitions in first two stops, each for level of 80cm/120cm and level of 105com/130cm.

    The courses designed by Hermann Kloepper, who is the head coach of LWEA Beijing with 20 years experiences in equestrian education. Hermann explained that “When I designed the course, my starting point is to create more chances to younger riders to perform...Therefore, the course is sort of simple to make more riders qualified in jump-off section.”

    The arena meet a lot of old friends from Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters reunion in this branding new event, as well as fresh face of rising stars represented the future of China. They compete against the best riders around China for the same dream of targeting on an entry ticket to Bird’s Nest.

    LWEA Beijing also collaborated with more than 20 partners to launch a family-fun game and 5 senses open-market to provide a very homely and friendly atmosphere. The following two stops will be on July 11, and November 12.


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