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    After a one-year break due to corona, eleven young riders from China, Indonesia, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina and of course Germany now have the opportunity again to take part in the Longines World Equestrian Academy (LWEA) Summer Camp at the Riesenbeck International Equestrian Center until Sunday, August 28.

    At the sixth edition of the one-week training course, there is also a nice promotion by Longines Germany: two German riders got their place in a competition on the social networks through a successful application video and can fulfill their wish to be professionally trained at Ludger Beerbaum's facility for a week free of charge, to get to know young colleagues from all over the world - and to observe the role models Ludger Beerbaum, Eoin McMahon, Christian Kukuk or Philipp Weishaupt in their daily work.

    It is already exciting for the young riders from day one. This is because the foreign participants are given a loan horse with which they form a partnership during the week and - this has been the case every year so far - form a unit at the final course. The four-time Olympic champion and host, Ludger Beerbaum, always keeps an eye on the course, the training is mainly done by Thorsten Wittenberg, who has been to Asia several times for the LWEA in the past years and has given courses there.

    Great importance is attached by the organizers in Riesenbeck to the fact that the improvement of the own riding has the same value as the areas, physical fitness and balance of the rider. Likewise the well-being of the horses regarding care of fur and hooves stands in the foreground, a visit in a veterinary hospital and also trips to hippologischen centers such as Warendorf may not be missing.

    Before the final visit to the Longines Global Champions Tour stage in Valkenswaard to cheer on the world's best riders live, each rider will complete a final course in Riesenbeck under tournament conditions. As a souvenir for everyone, there will be a video analysis documenting the lessons learned.



    January 20, 2023 - 01:55
    Dorothy Macpherson
    Please send me information on the 2023 summer camp. What are your requirements to appy?

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