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    Initiate A Strategic Cooperation with China's Largest Juvenile Equestrian Platform
    Within the purpose of further developing equestrian sports in such a high potential region as China, LWEA joined hands with Qingma Wonderland, which is committed to building a real wonderland the pleasures of equestrian sports, to spread the spirit of the sport to more people across the country and attract more participation in the game.
    Teen riders are the future of equestrian sports, as well as the largest group in the market. According to statistics, in the field of professional equestrian competitions throughout China, the percentage of age under 18 equestrian riders is more than 40%. That is the reason that LWEA decided to establish a strategic cooperation with Qingma Wonderland in China, including LWEA national roadshow based on 20 events Qingma Wonderland holding in 2017 and 2 events in LWEA Beijing stable.



    May 17, 2017 - 12:11
    Logan, UK
    It's great that LWEA supports the youth of our sport!

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