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    The Longines World Equestrian Academy Summer Camp will be held from 13. to 20. August 2023.

    A week filled with training sessions, workshops and field trips, where the participants will be able to build up valuable knowledge about topics such as correct horse management or riding posture, finishing off with the incredible opportunity of visiting an international 5* show.


    Make sure to sign up as early as possible as spots are very limited! 


    If you would like to apply, make sure to check out our FAQs, which should answer most of your questions about the application process and pricing details. To apply, please send an email to office@riesenbeck-international.com .



    May 28, 2023 - 02:43
    Rafael Majano
    Dear Staff, My name is Rafael Majano, from Venezuela. I was looking for the best equestrian summer camp or clinic in Germany for my daughter Eugenia who is 14 years old, and came across this website. I am Interested in knowing more details and how I can sign her up for this equestrian camp. She has been riding since little and stopped for around 4 years when we moved to Boston in 2017. Now we’re back and she started riding again and has a big passion for horses. So I would like to take advantage during my time in Germany this summer since she goes to a German International School, so that she can learn and improve her knowledge and German skills while doing something she enjoys and is passionate about. Let me know as soon as possible how the process of signing her up to the camp is. PS: If the camp is already full for the summer we are willing to go during September Best regards Rafael Majano gemajano@gmail.com +1 9549344871

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