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    For the first time, the Longines World Equestrian Academy is hosting a showjumping clinc in Indonesia. Following the invitation of Dr. Adinda Yuanita, equestrian coach and talent scout for the Ludger Beerbaum Stables Thorsten Wittenberg has travelled to Jakarta to teach a week-long clinic at the Jakarta International Equestrian Park. The training schedule consists not only of showjumping sessions, but includes flat work and theory lessons as well.


    After the Asian Games were held at Jakarta International Equestrian Park in 2018, Adinda took over the facilities with her company EQUINARA and has been successfully running a sports and schooling stable ever since. Educating her riders and students on all aspects that are important for the equestrian sport, she is following the same mission as the Longines World Equestrian Academy. Thorsten, winner of several Grand Prixs around Europe and having competed in Nations Cups for Germany, was impressed by the conditions provided by EQUINARA upon arrival: “The horses are in impeccable condition, they look professionally groomed and healthy. The facilities here at EQUINARA Horse Sports are top notch. Even with the hot and humid weather, the horses are well taken care of and you can tell that their health is the number one concern”. With state of the art arenas, footing, bedding, feed, grass paddocks and a 24/7 equine clinic on site, the road to success is evenly paved.


    Adinda has been involved in equestrian sports for more than 30 years. With her own breeding stable located in the north of Germany, she is no stranger to the competitiveness of European horse sports. She has successfully competed for Indonesia and reached second place at the FEI World Jumping Challenge in 2012. Since then, she has been focusing on bringing up young talented riders and horses to the top level in Indonesia, carrying her knowledge about equestrian sports in Europe to her home country.


    The training week with Thorsten was open to riders from all levels. Five groups participated in the clinic, going from showjumping beginners at 80cm level up to advanced riders at 1,40m level. Some of the riders have competed in the Asian Games in 2018, whereas most of the advanced riders have been part of Adinda’s team for several years already, clearly profiting from her support. “You can tell that most riders have had serious dressage education before starting a showjumping career. They all have a good seat and are able to move with the horse”, says Thorsten. The clinic will come to an end on Friday, before all participants will start in the competition held by EQUINARA on the weekend. Thorsten will then oversee the warm-up of the riders and evaluate the competition rounds before heading home on Sunday evening.



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