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    In an effort to make information about the LWEA Summer Camp more available and structured, we collected the most frequently asked questions in hopes to provide a clear outline of the LWEA Summer Camp's objectives and requirements. In case your question isn't listed below, please feel free to either email us at contact@lwea.info, or message us on Facebook (Longines World Equestrian Academy) or Instagram (@lweacademy). Our Social Media pages are also a great place to collect some impressions from past LWEA Summer Camps.


    What is the age limit to participate in the LWEA Summer Camp?

    We accept applicants between the age of 14 and 25. This allows us to welcome a group that is relatively close in age and will therefore provide a harmonious group dynamic.   


    What is the minimum riding level?

    To allow for a best possible learning curve, we require riders to be comfortable on a 1,00m level. This means that applicants should be able to easily complete a full course of this height. 


    Do I need to bring my own horse?

    No. Lease horses are available in limited quantity. Please be sure to contact us as early as possible if you would like to participate in the LWEA Summer Camp with a lease horse as we do not have an unlimited amount of horses that can be provided. 


    Which nations can participate?

    ALL OF THEM!  


    I will need a letter of invitation for my VISA. Is that a problem?

    Not at all. We would be happy to provide a letter of invitation for your VISA.


    Which languages are spoken during the LWEA Summer Camp?

    All training sessions, fitness and seat coachings, as well as guided tours during field trips are exclusively held in English. All participants are required to speak and understand English to allow for easy communcation. 


    How long is the duration of the LWEA Summer Camp?

    The LWEA Summer Camp commences on a Sunday and finishes on the following Sunday. The schedule usually allows for one training session per day and is complemented by a seat and fitness coaching session or a field trip in the afternoon. In the past years, the LWEA Summer Camp closed off with a trip to the LGCT Valkenswaard including a hotel stay in Valkenswaard as the highlight of the week before departure day.


    How much does the LWEA Summer Camp cost?

    The price for the LWEA Summer Camp depends on whether the participant is able to bring their own horse or if they have to lease a horse for the duration of the LWEA Summer Camp. The price includes all training sessions, hotels, meals, transportation to field trips, stabling for the horse, as well as airport or train station pick-up and drop-off if needed. The price does not include transportation to Germany (flights, train rides, etc.). Participants can be accompanied by a non-riding companion. Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian (price same as non-riding companion). The prices listed below are from the LWEA Summer Camp 2019. Variations may apply for future LWEA Summer Camps. 

    Riders with own horse (2019 price) :  EUR 2975,-- (incl. German Tax)

    Non-Riding Companion (2019 price) :  EUR 1675,-- (incl. German Tax)

    Lease Horse: upon request


    How can I apply?

    You can email us at contact@lwea.info to apply. Please note that we require a video of a full course (preferably from a show) from every applicant to make sure that the minimum requirements are met, and to be able to match riders and horses in case you would like to lease a horse. Please also include a short CV (name, age, nationality, riding level and achievements, any additional info you feel might be helpful for us).



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