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    Longines World Equestrian Academy’s Summer Camp in Riesenbeck offers insight in all the aspects of showjumping, with an exciting meet and greet with fans, bloggers and Ludger Beerbaum on Monday, the 7th of August.

    The beginning of Longines World Equestrian Academy’s week-long international summer camp on Sunday morning marks the start of a few busy days at Riesenbeck International. Besides riding, insight to managing sport horses and different aspects of the wellbeing of both the horse and the rider, the summer campers will meet three bloggers, who are going to have a public meet and greet with their fans on Monday in Riesenbeck.

    With both their own and borrowed horses, ten students from Japan, India, Ecuador, New Zeeland, Iran, Ireland and Germany will be trained by the internationally experienced coach Thomas Stiller and the four-time Olympic gold medalist Ludger Beerbaum. „The daily riding will of course play a big role,” says Ludger Beerbaum, the founder and President of Longines World Equestrian Academy (LWEA). The Academy, that is based both in Beijing and in Riesenbeck, was founded two years ago and since then the LWEA-students have participated in international competitions and clinics have been held at both the German and Chinese bases.

    This summer, for the very first time, Longines organized a competition where the two lucky winners could get a place at the summer camp and from the nearly 500 applications, the Irish Rebecca Yorke and the German Ben Brauckmann got chosen.

    Riding will not be the only activity at the summer camp: theory will also be studied, and gymnastic exercises – on a horse, focusing on the correct seat – will also not be forgotten. The coaches will be talking about the management of sport horses, feeding and the importance of correct shoeing. Exciting visits have also been planned; the campers will see Ludger Beerbaum Stables and travel to the international events in Münster  (Turnier der Sieger) and Valkenswaard (Longines Global Champions Tour) – both places where everyone’s autograph collections can surely find some additions! Since some of the participants come from countries that don’t have such a vast tradition in horse sports as Germany, they will surely be fascinated by a visit to the German “equestrian mecca” Warendorf and a horse museum in Münster. „Our wish is that during the week the participants will get a good insight of all the aspects of our sport”, Ludger Beerbaum describes the intention of the Summer Camp.

    Monday, the 7th of August is going to be especially fun day for both the summer campers and the public: three famous bloggers, Annica Hansen (@woelbchen), Saskia Meyer (@biniebo) and Sofie Loreen (@sofie_loreen) are going to meet their fans at 14 o’clock and an autograph session with Ludger Beerbaum will also take place. After this the public can also watch the lessons given to the campers. Annica Hansen is already anxious: „I am very excited about the chance to be trained by Ludger Beerbaum and the Longines World Equestrian Academy !“ Also Sofie Loreen has invited her fans to Riesenbeck and Saskia - she is nervous: „nervous, about what Ludger Beerbaum is going to tell us!”

    The Swiss watchmaker Longines is the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of Longines World Equestrian Academy. The Academy’s goal is to promote showjumping in Asia, especially in China, through clinics and by sharing their knowledge. The program has been developed by Ludger Beerbaum and is run by various professionals under his guidance.

    Longines’ passion for equestrian sports began in 1878, when a timepiece was made with an engraved horse and his jockey. Over the years, Longines has built strong and long-lasting links with equestrian sports. In 1912, for the very first time, Longines was involved as timekeeper for a show jumping event in Portugal. Today, Longines’ involvement in equestrian sports includes jumping, eventing, dressage, endurance and flat racing. In these disciplines, Longines is the Official Partner, the Official Timekeeper and the Official Watch of international institutions, events, races and competitions. Elegance, Performance and Tradition are values that both equestrian sports and Longines share, which strengthen the profound bounds that Longines has been developing with the equestrian world for more than a century. Longines has been based at Saint-Imier in Switzerland since 1832. Its watchmaking expertise reflects a strong devotion to Elegance, Permormance and Tradition. Longines has generations of experience as the official timekeeper at world championships and as a partner of international sports federations. 

    Monday, 7th of August

    Riesenbeck International
    Surenburg 20
    48477 Riesenbeck

    At 14 meet and greet with Ludger Beerbaum and bloggers
    At 15 Longines World Equestrian Academy clinic continues


    August 05, 2017 - 22:03
    Lisa melodie
    Can everybody get in to join the Summer camp or are the people chosen? Xo lisa
    August 15, 2017 - 12:57
    Inna. Tokmakova
    Really hasty project for training riders! Perhaps you will consider the proposals and hold such an event in China. With the invitation of riders from Asia. Temur Azizov from Uzbekistan will be number one!

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