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    I´m 22y.o. girl from the Czech republic. My horse is 12y.o. mare Mana. We started our career together when she was 6y.o. Even though really fast surgery after infection in her left eye she has become blind. Thanks to her very good character and our partnership she didn´t have any problems. Our journey started with the first competition at 80cm and then step by step we got on the higher level. Today we are permanent participants at 135-140 cm. During riding I am inspired by Ludger Beerbaum videos and this is very helpful for my work at home and I exploit these infomartion on the competition too. Mana is my the only and I would say also life horse. Opportunity to be with her on the LWEA camp would make me really grateful. l’m ready to work on my riding skills. I want to improve my riding style and work on the details, which can lead up to move us to the next level.


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