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    Good afternoon,
    I’m sending this application on behalf of my sister, who dares not do so.
    For two years now, she have problems with her mare. This one jumps very well, can pass very big obstacles, but, coming into the competition, she does not want to pass a single bar. We don’t know the origin, the different coaches too.
    We were able to notice on these FFE performances that from a contest, before we had her, she started to make refusals. But no one told us at the time of the purchase, obviously.
    We may have rebuilt her hooves, we may have muscled her back and so on, but nothing. My sister is losing hope over the months.
    Everyone always told her that she had an excellent position, that she worked very well, but that her mare did not want to follow.
    Yet, the trials she does are very accessible, she is on 105/110. She is absolutely not afraid of the big jumps, and feels even more comfortable on them, but unfortunately she can only pass them in the stables where we are, never in competition, because she almost always makes three refusals on the first obstacle, and if she doesn’t make one on it, she does it on the others. She hasn’t been able to do an entire course for months.
    My sister works a lot, and I try to help her as much as I can in dressage. Over time, we say to ourselves that we should buy another horse so that she can finally have fun, no longer fight on competitions, but she does not want, saying that it would be take the easy way out.
    And financially, it would be complicated.
    I would be very grateful and honored if you could welcome her on an internship, she deserves it, believe me, anyone can tell you. With all the problems we are currently experiencing, it will allow her to live an equestrian dream that she does not even dare to imagine. His ultimate dream is to reach a high level, and only a rider like you can help her to reach her goal.
    I enclose a picture of my sister and her mare jumping during a competition, but at the paddock, not on the course...
    Thank you for your time in considering this nomination, and I hope the answer will be positive.
    Salomé Gyss
    (Please excuse me if my English is not perfect, I am French)


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