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    In this two and a half day clinic highly reputable farrier Stefan Wehrli presents his extraordinary knowledge, skills and experience in German and English language. Topics are conformation, gait analysis, x-rays, biomechanically correct shoeing. This will include theoretical and practical demonstrations as well as a final practical exam, by which eight farrier-participants can qualify for obtaining an additional day of practice.

    "Farrier is one of the most underestimated professions in our business", Ludger Beerbaum says. Working very closely together with Stefan Wehrli he cannot stop stressing the importance of having a good farrier for your horses.

    Generally horses have to be transported to Stefan Wehrlis place in Switzerland. It is with great pleasure that Riesenbeck International presents this highly professional clinic for vets and farriers.


    The course "Knowing the hoof inside out" from 25th to 27th April 2019 is directed to interested farriers and vets. The course is limited to 40 participants!


    Get to know more about Stefan Wehrli here Wehrli Traction Shoe


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